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A Plan for Real Government Reform

Today, too many Americans feel left out. They see a system that does more to preserve the status quo than it does solving our most pressing challenges, and a class of career politicians and elite insiders.

As a former anti-corruption FBI special agent, I’ve seen the brokenness in our system and I know the real-life impact that it has: soft and hard corruption that tilts the legislative agenda towards special interests; electoral complacency that causes lawmakers to focus on accumulating power rather than serving constituents; and entrenched partisanship that grinds the gears of government to a halt.

That's why, on my first day in Congress, I introduced a legisaltive package to bring about real government reform:

  • A Constitutional Amendment enacting term limits for all members of Congress;
  • A Constitutional Amendment preventing members of Congress from being paid unless a budget is passed.  This is not just withholding pay for a little while, this is complete forfeiture; 
  • A Balanced Budget amendment so we are forced to stop kicking the can down the road, and will create a fiscal path that will allow the next generation to thrive;
  • And a bill I call the Citizen Legislature Anti-Corruption Reform – or CLEAN – Act that includes language to:
    • End Congressional “pensions for life” and directs members toward standard 401K retirement savings accounts
    • Requires this body to debate and act on single-issue legislation
    • Codifies that all laws passed by Congress apply to its members
    • Reforms the broken “Gerrymandering” process by moving all redistricting to independent, non-partisan citizen commissions, and
    • Expands access to political party primaries to include both Independents and non-affiliated voters

Watch my floor speech HERE

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